This transport service is for TA walkers wishing Transport from Owhango to the Tongariro Alpine Crossing section at Ketetahi

Cost of $55 per person (minimum of 3 passengers or pay $140) - Best to call us before booking as we will try and fit in with our other bookings for the Tongariro Alpine Crossing.
Owhango departures between 615am-630am but may also be 715am

Please call to discuss before booking.

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Ketetahi Day Park, Tongariro National park Tongariro National Park

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Please note a second booking is required from the Department of Conservation this can be done after reserving your shuttle here *Notes:- A fixed price up to 3 passengers inclusive DOC fees minimum is payable for instant confirmation. Otherwise a Minimum of 4 passengers per time slot maybe required for a shuttle to depart we do advise calling in advance when booking 3 passengers or less to confirm. If we can not run we will refund minus the product price only. Your booking will be marked as pending until confirmation when the minimum number is triggered. Bookings recieved with less than 24 hours notice are non refundable. Late bookings after 6pm where weather conditions are unfavourable the next day will be cancelled and no refund due. You are responsible for checking the weather and we are aware if other operators cancel you will tend to book with us so no refund. We reserve the right to cancel at short notice if track, weather conditions become unsafe or insufficient bookings. Cancelled bookings will be liable for a cancellation fee at discretion of the operator not limited by the standard terms and conditions. In the event you are unable to proceed the full crossing and need to be returned to your car at Ketetahi an additional call out of $40 per person or $160 minimum would be payable. We suggest you use our Return Shuttle Service from National Park Village or Owhango if you believe you may not complete the entire 20km crossing. In the event weather that would be declared a Hazardous weather advisory or other unforeseen natural or government notification.  Our cancellation policy would allow you to move the booking to another date at no charge or issue a transferable credit to another service or person. Refund request must be made in writing no later than 3 days after postponed trip. We provide or refund of product price less unrecoverable 3rd party service fees from the booking agent rezdy or merchant fees from card provider Stripe. Private shuttles may be arranged at an additional fee by contacting supplier. Correct clothing - Denim clothing is not acceptable The Driver has the right of refusal of transport should anyone be late, not be wearing correct clothing, unfit to travel or does not follow drivers safety instructions. Ruapehu Scenic Shuttles will not be responsible for where you leave your vehicle during the course of your adventure. These terms and conditions are not negotiable

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