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Ruapehu Scenic Shuttles shuttle services for the Ruapehu and Tongariro region

We are a locally owned family run shuttle operator situated in the township of Owhango nestled between Taumarunui and National Park Village.     Our backyard is the Tongariro National Park where we have been living and working for over 15 years.

In 2017 we established Ruapehu Scenic Shuttles our core principle is to provide safe affordably shuttle transport in the region with our Bus and comfortable van services.   Providing experienced shuttle services to the Ski areas of Ruapehu in Winter and Tongariro Alpine Crossing in summer plus many other varied shuttle/charter options and scenic tours.

All our vehicles are fitted with seats which is a claim no other operator can make of being 100% seatbelt compliant.

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CMB 9 Owhango 3990
New Zealand


Call +642041114648

Terms and Conditions

Ruapehu Scenic Shuttles Terms And Conditions The following Terms and Conditions apply to all bookings made and services provided by the entity Ruapehu Scenic Shuttles or associates and its website, www.scenicshuttles.co.nz, as well as to bookings made by telephone, fax, email or any other form of communication. By agreeing to these terms, you acknowledge and agree to be bound by the conditions of use listed below, and any future revisions and additions, as published by Ruapehu Scenic Shuttles Reservations The minimum time for confirmation of reservations is 24 hours before departure or arrivals. Reservations can be made at the customer’s convenience by booking online, by telephone or via email. Last-minute bookings may be accepted pending the availability of a vehicle and driver. Rates are subject to change at the discretion of Ruapehu Scenic Shuttles without prior notice. Payment Terms 100% of the cost is payable at the time of your booking. Cancellations and Refunds All cancellations must be made in writing and sent to ruapehushuttle@gmail.com These cancellation fees are not negotiable, therefore we strongly recommend that you purchase travel insurance. Cancellation fees for all Transport/adventures are charged on the following basis per person: Within 24 hours of booking arrival date: 100% of booking is forfeited Within 1 – 20 days of booking arrival date: booking able to be transferred to another booking within 6 months of booking date. Prior to 21 days of booking arrival date: your payment is refunded in full. Operator Cancellations Ruapehu Scenic Shuttles reserves the right to alter, amend or cancel any trip should weather or any other circumstances necessitate this. In this event, Ruapehu Scenic Shuttles will (a) change your booking date and time to the next available and confirmed departure of your choice, or (b) cancel your reservation and be fully refunded after notice of cancellation has been given. Request to be refunded must be recieved within 3 days of original booking date otherwise a credit for another booking will be provided. Covid 19 - Due to constant vigilance Ruapehu Scenic Shuttles and its operators reserves the right to cancel or refuse boarding on its shuttles should any person exhibit cold or flu symptoms. Wearing of a face covering is strongly advised in accordance with current government recommendations. Ruapehu Scenic Shuttles reserves the right to exceed those standards should its driver feel that it is required. Any cancellation on the day may be transferred to another date. User Error Customers are responsible for providing accurate information at the time of their booking. When providing information, the customer agrees that the information will be accurate. Ruapehu Scenic Shuttles is not responsible for errors made by customers while using the service, its official websites, email or mobile text. Confirmation emails are provided at the time of booking to allow customers to review details of their reservation in advance. Travel Insurance Cancellation fees are not negotiable; therefore we strongly recommend that you purchase travel insurance. Mountain Bike Transport, Ski Equipment Transport Ruapehu Scenic Shuttles will endeavour to always take the necessary precautions to transport your bicycle or ski gear in a safe manner to minimise possible damage. Ruapehu Scenic Shuttles recommends that the customer takes out insurance to cover any loss or damage to his/her ski equipment/bicycle and agrees that Ruapehu Scenic Shuttles will not be held liable for any damage or loss. Seatbelts are provided for customer safety. Ruapehu Scenic Shuttles require customers to wear seatbelts while traveling inside our vehicles. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the seatbelt is securely fastened, as required by law. Vehicle capacity Ruapehu Scenic Shuttles fleet consists of 2 x vans that can accommodate 8 passengers, and 1 x 22-seater bus. Seat capacity is limited to seats with working safety belts. New Zealand laws prohibit loading vehicles beyond seating capacity. Any attempt to do so may require additional vehicle reservations. Inherent Risk and Safety The customer accepts that cycling, Hiking and Sking and associated activities have inherent risks, and can be dangerous. The customer understands that these risks include (but are not limited to): illness, navigational difficulties, rough riding conditions, poor weather, and collisions, all of which may occur in very isolated conditions with no cell phone reception. The Customer accepts all responsibility and liability for ensuring their own safety. Ruapehu Scenic Shuttles and its operators reserve the right to withdraw any person who we believe is likely to endanger themselves or others. Customer Liability To the extent permitted by law, the customer hereby release, waive, discharge, hold blameless and indemnify Ruapehu Scenic Shuttles and all persons, entities, operators and contractors connected to Ruapehu Scenic Shuttles from any and all liability for death, disability, personal injury (including mental injury), property damage, property theft, loss of personal equipment and all other foreseeable risks, claims or actions of any kind (including negligence) whatever and however occurring may arise, at any time, from or in connection with, directly or indirectly, as a consequence of the customer carrying out the activities detailed in their itinerary. The customer will provide their own travel insurance to cover their expenses in cases of unforeseen circumstances. The customer must provide any medical details that may adversely affect their participation (e.g. pregnancy, chronic conditions, asthma) at the time of the booking. Pick-ups & Departure times can be strict. Customers are to be ready 10 minutes before departure from pick-up destination or as prior arranged with Management preventing further travel delays to other clients. The operator reserves the right to alter pick up times at short notice if the operator is delayed. The operator shall not be liable for any additional costs that may apply from missed or delayed departures. Customers maybe liable for additional costs incurred due to delays . Product specific conditions may also apply.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Ruapehu Scenic Shuttles is committed to protecting your privacy. We use the information you provide to secure your Ruapehu Scenic Shuttles reservation. At some point in the future, we may use the information we collect to occasionally notify you about functionality changes to the website, new services, and special offers we think you will find valuable. If we do so, you’ll be provided an opportunity to unsubscribe from this mailing list. Ruapehu Scenic Shuttles does not sell, trade, share or rent your personal information to others. Data Security Policy Credit Card Payments are securely processed by stripe.

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