Contacting us when you are at the former Ketetahi Hut location 90 minutes from the end the truck will ensure minimal wait or at Mangatepopo Hut.

This is our shuttle option for those unable to proceed with the Tongariro Northern Circuit or have left their cars in Mangatepopo Car park, during the off season when no monitoring of the carparks is enforce.  This is from April 30th 2021 to October 22nd.   It is the safer option of changeable weather than leaving your car at Ketetahi during this period.

Cancellation!   Refunds less any administration fees incurred or transfer to another date or product.   Deposit of $25 is non refundable if cancelled on the day.

No shows at the arranged time will not be refunded additional charges for late arrival may be applied it is in your best interest to contact us 90 minutes from the track end to confirm pick up time.

As a DOC concessionaire we take our responsibilities of your safety and our health seriously


*No transit for any passengers exhibiting any flu like symptoms coughing or sneezing.  The operator will cancel the trip and no refunds.  Driver safety and that of any other passengers is priority and non negotiable.   


Ketetahi Day Park, Tongariro National park Tongariro National Park

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Deposit only upfront payment 1, Cancellation fees applied to cover the costs incurred by the operator should you cancel. 2, Full refund if we cancel due to unforeseen event less any non refundable bank fees. 3, Additional fees may be charged should you be overdue for pick up time (we allow 30 minutes wait time) 4, The operator reserves the right to alter the conditions of transit for the Health and Safety of our drivers.

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